A Business of Bliss – Kalyn Wolf

My introduction to a strong and courageous woman named Kalyn Wolf began a few years ago at a friend’s yard and patio party in Tucson Arizona..


She was wearing an artist designed scarf in blues and purples that reminded me of the ocean and introduced herself with a bright smile.

I felt then that she knows what she wants and goes after it like a lioness  protecting her cubs. I am honored to share her story on beginning a business of bliss.

When You Are Pushed Into Your Bliss

By Kalyn Wolf Cloud Nine Logo

After 10 years being at the top of my field in corporate sales with 2 very large companies, I found myself over the past year bemused and befuddled at having no job! “How”, I thought to myself “can it be that NO ONE in Corporate America would want an overachieving, high performing, positive sales person like me on their team?” And then it hit me. Because I’m supposed to be taking everything I’ve learned to date and put it to good use for myself and humanity.

For many years I had a successful healing practice in Los Angeles, and a successful Flotation Tank business in Tucson back in the day. After being literally “kicked out” of Corporate America I had the inspiration to go back to my roots and open another Flotation Tank center AND marry it with my healing work and et voila! Cloud Nine Flotation with Flotation Energy Therapy (FET™) was born. That was on Aug 1, 2015. Within 7 weeks, almost to the day, and moving at lightening speed, Cloud Nine Flotation is a reality. When I had the thought to open a Flotation Center, I had NO IDEA that Flotation Tanks are having a HUGE resurgence. In fact, there are more centers today in the U.S. and Canada than EVER before; only 2 years ago there was 1 center in Canada, and today there are 53!

The industry is booming and my timing couldn’t be better.

Kalyn Wolf Plaza Palomino

I went into massive action, but with ease. In fact, everything came together with SUCH ease, that I felt I was being guided step by step through the process. Within days, I found the perfect tank (with some modifications for commercial use), found a web artist who created my beautiful logo and website in record time, and even helped me with music tracks for the tank. I found beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamps for my retail side, along with the perfect aromatherapy diffusers and designer bath and kitchen salts. The most fulfilling part is I’ve been really tuning into all the training I’ve had with crystals and sound and other vibrational healing modalities.

Cloud Nine Flotation at Farmers Market Tucson

On Sept 30, 2015 we officially opened Cloud Nine Flotation, and we have had people floating every day since then. We continue to grow as a company, I continue to grow as a healer, and as a woman.

I have much to share from how to improve your sales, to how to relax, and how to follow your heart and dreams, even if it means being pushed into doing it. @KalynWolf

Float Tucson Open House with Kalyn Wolf

Open House with Cloud Nine friends 2015

Gem Stones and Stories
Tiny Notes of Wisdom from Athena

I hope that you are inspired by Kalyn Wolf’s story and wish to create your own!

You can reach her at Cloud Nine Flotation

You can reach me at MokshaLife.com

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Remembering Mom – Pam Varner

When I met Pam, I was inspired by her “lets get it done” attitude towards finding her passion. Since we met she has blossomed into an amazing businesswoman, taking charge of her life and meeting new people everywhere by helping them create their dreams while growing hers and supporting her family.

Pam Su Mary Jilly

Pam is pictured on the left.

“Those who can, do. Those who can teach, inspire those who can.” – Pam Varner @MySassynotions

Read how her Mom inspired her…

My Sassy Notions

I have vivid memories of my mom at the sewing machine when I was a child. I watched in awe as she turned pieces of fabric into clothes for my sister and I. She studied fashion design at The Art Institute of Chicago where she learned to draft her own patterns and produce clothing that looked store bought. My sister was taking Home EC and from my view was on her way to fashion freedom. I desperately wanted to learn too. I begged my mom to teach me to sew and eventually she relented.

My mother had many talents; teaching was not one of them. A combined lack of talent and patience led to frustration on steroids. The blue overall pants, I so desperately wanted to sew myself,  were constructed beautifully by her. I hated wearing those pants; a symbol of my failure.

I never lost my desire to learn and eventually…

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Do you like flying with angels?

 I Sure Do!

What I believe is that women are lining up to take off and as they do, angels are arriving to lift their wings in flight.

Watch for more MOKSHA right here on the daring women I know that are making a difference and following their desires.

The adventure begins NOW!

Namaste and Love,


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